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The Trebon Region (Třeboňsko)

South Bohemia – the Trebon Region

The Trebon Region (Třeboňsko) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. The name of the region comes from its natural centre, the town of Trebon (Třeboň). Geographically, this picturesque flat landscape, complete with many fishponds, woods and peat bogs, is called the Trebon Basin. The Trebon Region is situated between the South Bohemian towns Ceske Budejovice and Jindrichuv Hradec.

The unique characteristics of the Trebon Region

The scenic landscape of the Trebon Region (Třeboňsko) with its sophisticated system of fishponds and artificial channels is the result of sensitive human intervention into the original natural conditions. The first colonists came to the region in the 12th century. At that time, they began to reshape the original hostile marshy landscape.

The prosperity of the region started in 14th century and it is connected with the dynasty of Rozmberk, which supported the building of fishponds in the area. The Trebon Region experienced the greatest fish farming development during the 16th and beginning of the 17th century. Today, Trebonsko with its 460 fishponds is the main center of fish farming in the Czech Republic.

Nature conservation in the Trebon Region

Despite the fact that the landscape of the Trebon Region (Třeboňsko) has been cultivated by man for many centuries, the unique natural values have been preserved. The Trebon Region has been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve and a protected landscape area (CHKO Třeboňsko). The most valuable biotopes in the Trebon Region are the marshlands.

With its large water surfaces, Trebonsko is also an important European area for the nesting and wintering of water birds. A large part of the region has been declared a Special Protection Area for birds by the Czech government (Natura 2000).

water birds

Trebonsko  – a popular Czech tourist destination

With its unspoiled countryside and a wide range of historical and technical monuments, the Trebon Region offers a lot of cultural and natural sightseeing. The popular attraction in the Trebon Region is the historical town of Trebon. The area is also an ideal place for cycling and hiking. On the way you can admire the unique landscape with its network of fishponds, traditional village architecture and many other tourist attractions.


  1. Hi,my parents ( who dosen't speak any languagge, a little english) will want to stay three days in trebon region. We'll love accomodation in any village (chalet or hostel) with breakfast and private bathroom. Have you any directions (mail o web) to contact with


    — JordiPrat · Mar 31, 07:49 AM · #

  2. I would like to send you information about accommodation in Trebon region. But you forgot to write your e-mail contact. Please complete it.

    — Erika Suchanová · Mar 31, 02:12 PM · #

  3. Hi

    We are arriving from Brno to Trebon in a few month.
    I couldn't find any public transport from Brno (I dont speak / read czech).
    Are there busses / trains to Trebon from Brno?


    — Noam · Apr 24, 10:35 AM · #

  4. Good morning,
    The bus run regularly from Brno to Třeboň and back. EXAMPLE date 17.5.2013: The leavings of bus from Brno is 6:05, 9:00, 12:00, 13:45, 16:30.

    More infomation you can find on the internet (English version, too)

    I wish you good travel. M. Košinová

    — Marie Košinová · May 2, 07:16 AM · #


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