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Trebon is a small spa town with a well-preserved historic centre. The history of Trebon is very closely connected with a long tradition of fish-farming. Trebon is surrounded by a unique system of fishponds and artificial canals, which is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status, along with Trebon’s culture monuments.

The Location of Trebon

Trebon is a popular tourist destination of South Bohemia. You can find the town half-way between the Czech towns Jindrichuv Hradec and Ceske Budejovice. The town of Trebon is situated in the centre of Trebonsko, a protected landscape area and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The History of Trebon

The history of Trebon has been documented to the 12th century, when a small village arose along the trade road between Ceske Budejovice and Jindrichuv Hradec. The civilization of the region began in the 14th century, when the Rozmberk (Rosenberg) family acquired the town. The Rozmberks supported the building of fishponds in their domain.

Trebon experienced its greatest period of prosperity during the 16th century, thanks to the Rozmberk and Schwarzenberg families, especially the last of the Rozmberks (the brothers Wilhelm von Rosenberg and Peter Vok von Rosenberg).This was the time when the historic centre of Trebon was developed. The Schwarzenbergs were another significant noble family, which participated in development of the Trebon Region. They acquired the estate in 1660.

Trebon square

Sightseeing in Trebon

The town of Trebon offers a lot of historical and cultural sightseeing attractions. The historic part of Trebon includes a renaissance castle, a gothic monastery, renaissance and baroque houses in the square and a large fishpond (The Svet Pond). These are all authentic historic monuments from the flourishing fish-farming period in the 16th century.

The Schwarzenberg neo – gothic tomb is a significant architectural work from the 19th century. The town is surrounded by a system of artificial canals and fishponds. The two most famous water works in Trebon are the Svet Pond (the World Pond) and the Zlatá Stoka (the Golden Canal).

UNESCO Nomination for the Trebon Region

Many of Trebon’s monuments are under a state preservation order. The historic centre of Trebon is an urban conservation area. The most significant historic sites in Trebon – the State Castle of Trebon and the Schwarzenberg Tomb have been declared National Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic. “The fishpond network of the Trebon Basin”, which includes the historic centre of Trebon, the Svet Pond and the Golden Canal, is under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage status.


  1. My ancestors are from Domanin. John Capek and his wife, Emma Lalmo, and their children, including their daughter Mary who was married to Thomas Macha. They left Domanin in 1869 and went to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, in the United States.

    It looks like the area they left is very beautiful.

    — Ronald Baumhover · Sep 22, 08:37 PM · #

  2. On the Ellis island records for my grandfather, Joseph Stanko, it said his last residence was the city of „Trabon“. I never could locate this in Europe. Then I was watching RicK Steve's travel show. He was visiting „Trebon“ right there in the Czech Republic. So it was misspelled on his documents. That it was likely the correct town was underscored by the presence of the very old Augusyinian monastery there. My father told me that his father told him his last job before coming to America was to work for the „monks“!

    — Joseph A Stanko · May 4, 01:49 AM · #


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