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The Trebon Region (Třeboňsko)

The picturesque flat landscape of the Trebon Region – complete with an ancient network of fishponds, pine woods and large peat bogs – is among the most beautiful parts of the South Bohemia. Apart from the natural treasures you can find here, there are a lot of interesting cultural and technical attractions, which are connected with Trebon’s long fish farming tradition.

Fishpond Network of the Trebon Basin

The Fishpond Network of the Trebon Basin has been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most significant technical and culture monuments were selected to represent this traditional fishing region of the Czech Republic.

The tourist attractions of the Trebon Region

The Trebon Region is famous for its sophisticated network of canals and fishponds. With its peaceful forests, the ancient waterworks, the traditional village architecture and remarkable historical attractions this area is among the pearls of South Bohemia.

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